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MCT Cupping Therapy in Puyallup

MCT Cupping Therapy

Include MCT Cupping Therapy in Your Massage

  • Stimulates a “vacuum-like” feeling and allows an increase in blood flow

  • You can add  this option to ANY massage session

  • Treat long-term pain, gain some extra relief, or flush out toxins

  • Schedule today and ask us about the many benefits of MCT Cupping Therapy as an add-on to your massage!   253-537-1162

Moveable Cupping Therapy (MCT), is another add-on that Massage Time is proud to perform for our clients. Based on ancient Chinese medicine, the cups are suctioned to the skin and then moved around over different parts of the body. This stimulates a “vacuum-like” feeling and allows an increase in blood flow, and ultimately, can restore balance to the body. Cupping is used nowadays by folks who report feeling effects like relieving pain, bringing bodily toxins to the surface, treating allergies, and much more! Whether you have long-term pain, are looking for extra relief, or want to detox your body, cupping is the add-on to accompany your next massage therapy session!

Call to ask about the pricing of this add-on, and as always feel free to share any concerns or ask any questions you may have. We are here to help you!  253-537-1162

MCT Cupping Therapy Massage Treatment

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