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Couples Massage in Puyallup

Couples Massage Sessions

Book a Couples Massage with Your Significant Other, Family Member, or "Bestie!"

  • You don't have to leave Puyallup to "get away," because couples massage sessions make for an excellent mini-getaway for two

  • Not just for "couples," but families and best friends too!

  • Massage Time Spa has a special room with two tables, but can also offer a simultaneous option in separate rooms

  • Call ahead to schedule our therapists for your dual session!   253-537-1162

Massage Time Spa is proud to once again offer couples massage sessions in Puyallup for a shared experience of relaxation and rejuvenation. We have re-opened our dual-table massage room. This is a great idea, not only as a gift and experience with your spouse/significant other but also just for good pals or family members to share. Enjoy all the same benefits of a quality massage session with us TIMES TWO!

We were unable to offer this option for a while and instead had to offer simultaneous massages in separate rooms---due to health regulations. In fact, we can still accommodate this option if you are looking for a similar time slot for two people but do not require or wish to be in the same room. Our friendly staff is always prepared to help you get the experience you are looking for.

Couples Massage Sessions in Puyallup, WA

Call ahead, as this is a special scheduling arrangement. We are excited to book you and one of your favorite people for a wonderful dual-massage session with us!  253-537-1162

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Ask us about these special add-on treatments when you schedule your appointment:

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