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CBD Massage Treatment

Add a CBD Massage Treatment to Your Massage

  • CBD massage treatments bring heightened relaxation and pain relief effects

  • Add this option to ANY massage session

  • One of the newest offerings here at Massage Time Spa

  • Schedule with us today and request this effective treatment method

Massage Time Spa offers you one of the newest treatment customizations in the massage industry. CBD can be used in your massage treatment for any session for a small added charge. We do prefer that you specify this option when you schedule your appointment but feel free to ask for this relaxing option at any time.


CBD-infused Massage tends to deliver a higher level of relaxation and pain relief. Your therapist can focus this treatment on the areas where you need the most relief. There is much research behind the benefits of CBD and we are so glad to add this treatment to our growing list of options for relaxation and wellness here at Massage Time Spa.

CBD Massage Treatment

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Ask us about these special add-on treatments when you schedule your appointment:

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